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To prevent the development of the disease, the right choice of shoes and a balanced diet are necessary.

Nutrition should be monitored to minimize excess weight, which creates an increased load on the musculoskeletal system.

To develop a diet taking into account the individual characteristics of Propecia pills, you should consult with your doctor.

Achilles bursitis: treatment with medicines and folk remedies. Achilles bursitis: symptoms, causes. Achilles bursitis is one of the most complex and common foot diseases. It is accompanied by severe pain and can subsequently lead to an absolute inability to move. What is this disease? How to detect and diagnose it? What preventive measures can be taken? And, most importantly, what is the treatment of Propecia bursitis? Let's find out. Achilles bursitis - what is this disease?

Between the calf muscles and the calcaneus is the Achilles tendon, which is considered the largest and hardiest tendon in the human body.

A balanced diet, the right regimen will help to remove extra pounds, contribute to the speedy restoration of joint tissues, clean blood vessels, improve the body as a whole, and strengthen the immune system. On both sides of it there are synovial bags (or burses) that perform a protective function and reduce friction between the calf muscle junction and the calcaneus. Such bursae are filled with joint fluid and look like sacs 2-3 cm in size. Inflammation of one of the synovial bags of the Achilles tendon is called Achilles bursitis.

Of course, buy Finasteride online the causes of Achilles bursitis, it is very important to identify the disease at an early stage in order to start treatment in time. What should you pay attention to if you are at risk of this disease? Manifestations of Achilles bursitis are swelling in the region of the Achilles tendon, redness of the skin around it, pain. Pain appears along the lower leg and foot when trying to stand on the heel or toes, especially unpleasant sensations intensify in the morning.

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Sometimes infection is added to the inflammation, which provokes suppuration and abscesses in the ankle area. As a result, a person's temperature may rise to 38-39 degrees. Achilles bursitis of the ankle can be diagnosed by visual examination of the patient. However, to identify the causes for the purpose of subsequent treatment of Achilles bursitis, a number of examinations can be prescribed, such as radiography and ultrasound diagnostics, a complete blood count, and an analysis of the synovial bursa fluid. Whatever the causes of the disease, the treatment of Achilles bursitis should be approached responsibly and seriously.

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First of all, the diseased joint must be provided with rest. How can I do that? It is important to limit the body in walking and lifting weights. Shoes should be loose and comfortable, without high heels. In some cases, it is recommended to apply a tight bandage to the Achilles tendon, sometimes a light massage is prescribed. Ice or cold compresses can be used to relieve pain.

Doctors often recommend that patients with Achilles bursitis visit physiotherapy and exercise therapy rooms. There may be provided procedures such as: Under close medical supervision, the patient will be recommended exercises for Achilles bursitis, which will help relieve tension in the joint, slightly stretch the ligaments and make the tendon more flexible and plastic. If the measures taken are not enough, then the attending physician may prescribe medication. pharmacological treatment.

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Sometimes it may be decided to perform a hormonal block near the affected tendon. A corticosteroid is then injected into the area of ​​the Achilles tendon. Since this hormone affects the ligaments, it is necessary to limit its use to only one or two times. If Achilles bursitis is complicated by suppuration of the skin, then it will be necessary to pierce the synovial bag, cleanse the joint of pus and rinse with antibiotics, which are also prescribed for oral use.

Is it possible to cure Achilles bursitis at home without going to the hospital? Of course, however, for this it is necessary to consult a specialist in detail and carefully follow his recommendations. What can the doctor recommend for the treatment of Achilles bursitis in this situation? Ointments and gels. This is the easiest way to heal a joint at home. Due to the acting anesthetic, these medications will help reduce pain and even reduce the inflammatory process. Among such improvised means, ointments and gels "Diclofenac" and "Deep Relief" are especially distinguished.

Also, during outpatient treatment, another remedy is used - Dimexide. How should this drug be used to overcome Achilles bursitis? Treatment with "Dimexide" consists in applying a compress from the drug itself and water (proportion 1: 1) and bandaging tightly for the night. You can also add some of Vishnevsky's ointment to the compress. However, these are pharmacological preparations. Is it possible to cure Achilles bursitis with folk methods? Traditional medicine: compresses.